Head List


M40 4kW/2.5kW HMI

M18 1.8kW HMI

M8 800W HMI

2.5kW HMI

1.2kW HMI

575W HMI

200W Compact

200W Pocket Par

400W Pocket Par

400W Dedo




Arri T12

Arri T5

2kW Blonde

800W Red Head

2kW Fresnel

1kW Fresnel
650W Fresnel
300W Fresnel

150W Peppers

Source 4
4 Head Dedo Kit + DP1 Lens Kit


1kW Lowel Rifa Lite

650W Lowel Rifa Lite

500W Lowel Rifa Lite

300W Lowel Rifa Lite
Chimera Pancake Lantern
Octodome (1kW Tungsten, 400W HMI)

4ft, 2 Bank Kino Flo

4ft, 4 Bank Kino Flo
2ft, 4 Bank Kino Flo




Hudson Spider

Arri Skypanel S60-C

Arri Skypanel S30-C

LiteGear LiteMat Plus 8 (S2)

LiteGear LiteMat Plus 4 (S2)

LiteGear LiteMat Plus 2 (S2)

LiteGear Litetile 4

LiteGear Litetile 8

LiteGear LED LiteRibbon Kit

Astera Titan Kit

Astera Helios Kit

Kino Flo Celeb 200

1x1 Bi-Colour Lite Panel

Fomex FL-600 1x1 Flexible Bi-Colour LED Kit

Rosco Gaffer Kit

LED Brick Light Kit




All our Long Wheel Base, Ford Transit High-Tops are equipped with purpose built racking to make working on location quick and efficient.


All packages come complete with distribution (13/16amp), stands, frames, textiles, nets, flags, gripwork & sandbags. Consumables available on request.